The International Forum Burg Liebenzell e.V. is a non-party and non-denominational educational and conference centre for young people and adults as well as a place for international youth exchange.

According to the founding idea, the International Forum understands its educational work in the sense of a“small model for Europe”, in which young people of all cultural and social origins and gender, ideological or political convictions experience democratic and human rights-oriented values in common experiences and activities, learn about models of cosmopolitan and intercultural coexistence and can integrate these into their own living environment.

Young people from different social and cultural backgrounds as well as people with and without disabilities are brought into an exchange of experiences on diverse political topics. Using methods appropriate to the target group, they test and reflect on their participation in a value-oriented, integrative and tolerant democracy and are encouraged and empowered to engage in socio-political activities.

In its political education work, the International Forum is committed to implementing the Beutelsbach Consensus and the Council of Europe’s framework guidelines for democracy and human rights education. The staff and the association’s committees are committed to these goals in their seminars, in their own work and in their communication.

The recognition and further development of extracurricular political education is important to us, which is why we actively participate in various regional and national committees.


We consider all areas of our work to be equally important for our success and have the common understanding that our quality as a house of education is more than the sum of our areas of activity. In our team we also try to reflect the diversity of society and our educational goals.

Good, open and honest cooperation forms the basis for the satisfaction of guests and employees.

for the satisfaction of guests and employees.

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