our Educational work

In multi-day seminars, we deal with all socially relevant and current issues in a competent and methodologically diverse way. Global, European and national issues as well as human rights education and the political participation of young people are addressed. In designing the seminars, we focus strongly on the interests and questions of our participants and also make use of the experiential education potential of the historic castle complex.

In our international youth education work, we refer to our founding idea of being “a small model for a big Europe”. Encounters, intercultural exchange and joint productive design of media, art or theatre projects on topics relevant to young people are of central importance.

Within the framework of our educational work we want to:

  • discuss current political issues in a controversial and objective way,
  • contribute to a better understanding of political processes
  • develop and promote a tolerant and non-violent approach to different convictions,
  • motivate political action and social participation and
  • to keep the fun factor in learning in mind through our formats and methods!

We are happy to develop customised seminars for your specific educational needs within the framework of partnership cooperation. We would be happy to advise you as an association or organisation on how to realise and finance the content.


You would like to hold a seminar and need support?

We would be happy to help you realise your seminar ideas. We will support you in finding topics and advise you on the conception and implementation. We suggest settings and methods suitable for the target group, help you find suitable speakers and experts and advise you on funding opportunities.